KPI Suites

Have Learning4Leaders develop you a custom built KPI Suite based on your key business drivers. Having an operational based KPI suite helps your business focus on areas important to you and drives performance through a visual mechanism.

Leaning4Leaders will review your key metrics with you, look at how the data can be collected; if you are collecting data currently through your own sources (e.g. HR systems, time and attendance systems, ERP Systems, Recipe Management Systems, etc…) we can link our suites directly. Alternatively, if the data is not being currently collected, we can use best practise to build you a solution which gathers your data and feeds it through to your own custom Learning4Leaders built KPI suite.

KPI Suites can be hard to implement, but we have a proven track record of implementing solutions and providing training to operational teams to embed into the factory.

We can then feed site based KPI’s into larger divisional and optimal group suites, which are all fully customisable and can be a mixture of graphs and data.


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