Health and Safety

Our Approach

People are our most valuable asset and their safety should be paramount for any organisation. With manufacturing, the risks associated with day-to-day activities can be more significant than in other industries. Managing these risks to an acceptable level can be difficult. Our approach focuses on delivering the required guidelines, programs and procedures to ensure your staff remain protected.
Creating a safe working environment not only complies with legislation, but it shows staff they are truly valued. Increased engagement and morale can be one of the greatest USPs for businesses as they seek competitive advantage. Promoting a safety-first culture means holding everyone accountable to the correct standard. Our interim HR managers have supported many businesses through this journey, resulting in fewer accidents, improved attitudes and financial savings, all from operating in the right way.

Call to Action

Learning4Leaders was called into a manufacturing company, following a visit from a HSE Inspector, as a consequence of a reportable accident at the factory.

A thorough audit of the safety policy and procedures was undertaken to ensure that the company was actually following these and to identify any omissions in statutory compliance. It was apparent that the company only had a basic knowledge of their Health and Safety responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAW) and did not have a dedicated resource.



Learning4Leaders implemented the following actions:

  • Analysed the safety culture within the company
  • Conducted a factory wide safety inspection to identify: high, medium and low priority safety concerns which would form part of an improvement plan
  • Gained commitment from the Directors for a dedicated safety budget
  • Established a robust safety strategy identifying where responsibilities and individual accountabilities laid (including KPIs)
  • Implemented a statutory compliance inspection regime (LOLER, PSSR, PUWER etc)
  • Introduced a ‘Control of Contractors Procedure’ including permit to work


Learning4Leaders trained all members of staff from Director to Operator level in:

  • Employer and employee responsibility under HASAW
  • Writing risk assessments
  • Near miss reporting
  • Thorough investigation of accidents with advice on how to implement corrective actions
  • Machine/job task training
  • Introduced a safety committee with regular meetings to discuss safety concerns
  • Set expected standards for all areas of the factory
  • Established an audit program to maintain standards



All members of staff are now fully engaged in reducing the amount of both accidents and ‘lost time’ accidents and are using the tools, techniques and training provided by Learning4leaders.

As a direct consequence of these actions, the management were extremely impressed by the thorough, and meticulous manner in which the audit was undertaken and the subsequent actions introduced. The staff, despite early reservations, are now committed to improving H&S performance, recognising that this of benefit to: themselves, their business (job security/personal safety) and their clients/consumers.

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