Our Approach 

Historically referred to as TPM (total productive maintenance), Learning4Leaders have developed an approach aligned to the specific needs of the FMCG and food sector. Traditional TPM approaches work effectively with highly skilled, highly automated, fast moving manufacturing processes. The challenges of less automated and more manual tasks require a different approach that delivers significant business benefit.

The Learning4Leaders model understands the particular challenges that more manual processes and less automated manufacturing brings to this part of the FMCG sector. The Learning4Leaders Asset Care program offers best practise, delivering improved operational performance.


In Action

One example of how we implemented this was with a client who replaced their existing packing hall with a fully refurbished facility which included new state of the art packing equipment.

The existing packing hall required engineering intervention to complete size and SKU change overs; complete all set up adjustments and correct running problems through the production shifts. The result of this was considerable down time in the packing hall, whilst waiting for the shared engineering resource to attend running issues, make adjustments or complete changeovers.

The new packing hall needed Asset Care (AC) Operators fully trained to cope with all size changing across the lines, manage running issues during the shift and complete basic maintenance using ‘Clean-Inspect-Lubricate-Tighten’ routines. In addition the AC Operators would need to complete selected planned maintenance issued by the computerised maintenance management system as well as develop best practises, standard operating procedures and undergo an operator training program.

Under the tag line ‘Brand New Every Day’, Operators completed our 5 module engineering familiarisation training program, which included hands on practical exercises on the training rig developed by Learning4Leaders.

The AC Operators worked well with the project engineer and the OEM engineers during the commissioning phase who, supported by the Learning4Leaders AC Coach, developed maintenance routines to manage the entire life cycle of the new production equipment.

AC operators were also coached in the use of lean tools including: Top Loss Model, SMED (single minute exchange of die – an approach that optimises changeovers), 5S Workplace Organisation and A3 problem solving, including 6M’s cause and effect diagramming for resolution to more difficult issues.


Another Success 

The key to the success of this program was the disciplined approach to completing the shiftly, daily, weekly and monthly checks as well as inspections of the line teams which included the AC Operators bases before they started to impact lean and line performance. These inspections proved critical to improving the performance of the new production facility.

Through Learning4Leaders help and guidance, the client has managed to develop three AC Operators who have the ability to sustain packing hall performance, drive improvements using data and facts and manage the life cycle of the new machinery. The AC Operators have also developed the link between operations and engineering teams and developed a working partnership by freeing up maintenance engineers from basic maintenance tasks, allowing them the time required to carry out more complex, preventative maintenance tasks and engineering improvements.


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